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“Beauty is an essence, greater than the sum of our parts” be

I was happy to know I could use all of my products wile I was pregnant. It’s so hard to know in the beginning what’s okay. I found them to be gentle and I was grateful to pamper myself in any way I could.

being alchemy

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Having recently given birth to a healthy baby naturally.. I can see how challenging it was to learn in many areas in only 9 months. I was angry at times.. and felt let down. Why don’t they teach us this in school I wondered? It seems my mother figures also never had what they needed passed down to them. The most important things are just left up to us to figure out.. How to have healthy relationships, repair conflict, and deal with the challenges of pregnancy, birth and after birth. After all what’s more important than bringing a child into this world.. and raising them with love. Support is needed in many ways. In my experience, the wisdom of passing on information and teachings has been lost or is scarce in the world. Id like to help bring this sacred form of community back In any way that I can. To read more about this, or to pass along this information to someone who you know is pregnant or planning on starting a family you can find my e book (A Pregnancy & Birth Guide For The Holistic Empath) here soon ———————————

as well as a pregnancy journal, calendar/planner, birth plan, home plan templates and home and hospital checklists.


Also, these are the things I used and found useful, to help you be prepared for pregnancy, birth, the new born baby and postpartum.