Happy Customers

Plumeria Face Cream: 
“this stuff is like a secret hug [covid friendly!] for your face.
my skin has been breaking out, feeling weathered and dry, showing every wrinkle, and scowl line ...
instantly it felt smoother, softer, and yet somehow tighter? it’s not greasy and leaves no gummy residue that some of the other failed promises out there deceive you with.
also? it smells divine and is now part of my regular daily self care.
i like to give extra massage at the bridge of my nose, in between my eyebrows, along my jaw, and on the cheekbones.
thank you for making a yummy product full of natural ingredients that helps me sleep better at night knowing i’m not waking up to extra stress and sadness crying out my pores.” CJ


My son and I have been using the body butter. I got to say it’s fantastic. My skin’s been dry from the sun this summer and my legs, feet, arms and shoulders are looking glistening and fantastic right now. I massaged Hie legs and hands with it at bedtime last night and he loved the smell. Thank you. C.P

So I tried the deodorant. The first time I tried it i put it on too thick and it left a blob under my arm. So the next time I tried it I basically just lightly caressed it across my skin leaving a thin layer upon my skin. I worked all day and then i worked out and I still smell wonderful. C.P

“literally obsessed with your lip balm :0 It's like my soul mate lip balm I have been searching for all my life. The container, the ingredients, the size :0 White grapefruit rose omfg. Thank you!” O.O

"This is seriously the best stuff I have ever used"! S.M- Deodorant


"One of our favourite body butters"! Thank you for the wonderful work you do. -BHAM Magazine


"This face mask is everything"... -Chloe


"The vibration of the products are pure. Really appreciate the love and energy that went into creating a healthy product." (Body Butter) CG 


"I absolutely adore Natural Botanical's products, they are all handcrafted with flowers & love! In the summertime, the Salve really helped to alleviate the pain and itching from my sunburns. I have gone through SO many of the bliss perfumes, and people ask me what I'm wearing wherever I go. I have used the Butter to remedy my eczema breakouts and I've even used it to moisturize my kittens paws (dry pads). As well, if you're looking to minimize your blackheads and even your skin tone - you definitely NEED to try out the clay mask. These products are all natural and safe for sensitive and irritated/cracked skin. No added perfumes which I really appreciate. Love this line of skin care & beauty. Products I cannot live without; thank you for all of this floral magic!"

- Leila 


"I followed suit of many of my friends who rave about this product line and got myself the healing salve to treat those pesky summer bites and scrapes and hopefully get rid of a scar from a big scrape on my shin that happened months ago. To my delight, the salve started fading the scar only after a week's use, and now it's almost totally gone (after MONTHS of it looking exactly the same). Also did an amazing job to soothe bites and dry skin...and it smells amazing. Can't wait to try the other products!"

- Paola


"I purchased your “Rejuvenate” face oil last winter at the Kits market and loved it so much. My skin is sensitive and none of the other face oils I’ve tried seem to work as well as your product and would like to purchase another one as soon as possible :) and I really love the texture of the lip balm! 

Thank you so much! ✨"

- Saya


"The bless oil perfume is so soft with an aroma that makes you want more - heaven scent!!"

- Sandra


"LOVE the products we picked up"!. Thank you!!:)" JM


"I love the lip balm! I bought from make it event! Do you have upcoming events? so I can buy more!"

- Katrina