60 Minute Session

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60 Minute Session

Cassandra is a Well-Being Coach. She uses holistic practices & recommendations wile focusing on the well being of your mental health. Helping you to fine tune your state of presence & re create mind patterns of lack and negativity to abundance and positivity. So that you can be fully immersed in a life you truly love & want to be living.

Cassandra’s mother has been mentally ill & depressed since she was 8 years old. For 27 years she has helped to coach her through her challenges & help her feel safe & bring her back into a state of well being. She has been one of her greatest teachers.

Not knowing her father until much later she grew up in many foster homes, this lead her on a journey to many different healing outlets & courses. She now sees that her past experiences were her gift. To transform a life of separation and unconsciousness into connection, awareness and living from the heart. Cassandra is a yoga teacher certified with yoga alliance, she studied in Bali wile she also learnt breath work, Sanskrit & mantra. She completed Eckhart Tolle's School Of Awakening program, studied herbalism, energy healing, flower therapy, reiki, meditation, & is a long term Vipassana meditator & server, had a life coach for 10 years, attended many seminars on communication and mindfulness until assisting in them and then leading them. She learnt how to take care of herself, mind, body & being. Showing her how they have a direct link when it comes to ones overall well-being. Healthy habits take work, like anything built with quality, but in time they can be as natural as brushing your teeth. 

Do you continue to repeat the same mistakes? Still attracting many negative people or situations in your life? Accidents? Feeling anxiety, fear, depression or guilt? Yes problems will happen in your life but they (can) be used to re direct your desires back into creation rather than destruction. Depending on your state of mind. 

She has a different approach, where the focus is on helping you to solve the problems, find the solutions, acceptance & break the negative thought stream & old stories, to create new healthy pathways for optimal health, deliberate creation, abundance & a feeling of satisfaction in your life with meaning, purpose, appreciation and JOY!   

Are you ready for a change? If you are willing to take some time to hone in on what you truly want so you can start living your best life

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