60 Minute Session & Healing

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60 Minute Session & Healing

For support in emotional, spiritual, mental, psychological & physical well being. 

In these times, to be present & keep our state of mind positive is vital. Fear, poor nutrition and negative thought patterns weaken the immune system.

The body has an innate ability to heal itself through presence.

In this 60 minute session we can work through what you are experiencing and implement practices for continuing to be present. 

We will go over what is needed for your optimal healing and I will help coach you through what's coming up for you. Then the healing will take place & I will give you tools so that you can learn to do this for yourself. We all need to see our unconscious patterns, so that we can be aware and therefore have a choice in suffering or not. It is important to feel our feelings, this takes great courage to process. 

These sessions can also be by donation. Or if you need free healing, I am here, just send me an email.

you can book a session through instagram @ benaturalbotanicals.com

or through email @ cass@benaturalbotanicals.com

Much Love, 

Cassandra McKinnon CFT