Hi, I'm Cassandra and my love and adventures in flowers began at a young age. I remember when I was 6 mashing up flowers to make my mom a perfume for Mother’s Day. Ten years later, I took my first flower arranging class and then after many different classes found Ikebana (a Japanese art form). For 12 years it challenged me to be disciplined and taught me to be meditative.

I have been a florist for 15 years, have learnt many botanical names and always had a feeling they were more than beautiful. Working with plants & flowers connected me to the essence of the earth & I became more sensitive. I was driven to find better solutions to the plastic & chemical use in the floral industry. I knew it was possible to offer classes, flower arrangements & products that are non toxic with minimal waste: products that support people, animals & the earth.

I was drawn to delve deeper into the healing benefits of plants and flowers and in 2016 I started a course in herbalism at the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine and I learned how to extract the properties of botanicals and infuse oils with their magic! This course taught me the healing properties of each plant & flower and I learnt to make flower essences, soaps, lotions, salves, creams, candles, tinctures & infusions.

I grew up in foster care and when in dark places, creative classes gave me hope that one day I could do what I love for a living and this filled me with Light. Through Be Natural Botanicals I dedicate 3% of all sales towards supplies for creative programs that I prepare and deliver to youth-in-care/foster children for free.

I create because it brings me joy. I am grateful to do work I truly love, inspired by Nature’s endless giving beauty. The products created through me are recipes made to heal & nurture love & now I share them with you.
Questions? Email me at hello@benaturalbotanicals.com