Be Natural Botanicals



Just be— and also, these products are natural and made with flowers!


My adventures in flowers began at a young age, I was 6 when I remember mashing up flowers to make my mom a perfume for Mother’s Day... About 10 years later I took my first flower arranging class. After many different classes found Ikebana, which is Zen practice and a Japanese art form.


For 12 years It challenged me in discipline and taught me to be meditative through action.  The connection to plants & flowers like an umbilical cord led me to the one true mother essence... fascinated with the endless healing magic, I took a course in herbalism and there I learnt to make essences, tinctures & infuse oils. I was a florist for 16 years and knew the plant names and had a feeling they were special.. as their beauty was always my most comforting healer.  This course taught me the healing properties of each plant & flower. I then received a diploma in organic skincare formulation. And one in holistic facials.


I can’t help but wake up and be moved by nature and her endless giving beauty. I create because it brings me joy... the products I make are recipes I made to heal myself, nurture my body in love.


& Now I share them with you 🤍


If you would like to hear more about clean conscious beauty, You can listen to when I was a guest on the Wholebeing podcast talk on Spotify.



Be Natural Botanicals 🌸🤍🌿Vision

To provide exceptional, flower & botanical based products that are all natural with no short cuts. Every recipe is crafted with conscious awareness, and therefor paraben and cruelty free, organic and fair trade when possible and in earth friendly packaging.

I am proud to research the greatest formulations with your best interest at heart and clean beauty in mind, to contribute to supporting humanity’s over all well-being.

As the skin is our largest organ and all that we put onto it, goes within.

The Future is Natural… And when we are naturally ourselves we allow others to
be natural too.

Our mission is to accept no less than the best. Choosing eco friendly, non toxic, beneficial, ingredients & products that enhance peoples lives as much as possible. Also by pushing creators to continuously improve, by paying more for production of world responsible products because people, animals & the earth are more important than cutting costs. We are committed to using the purest ingredients available, pioneering novel and natural formulations, and honouring the trust of consumers through the quality & consistency of our products.

We are Honoured to donate to Bee-City Canada.
We use Manuka Honey & Raw Canadian beeswax in some of our products and we gratefully want to give back to nature.